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Beards are significant in today's society. However, what does it mean to be significant and why are beards of significant importance? Significance is defined as being worthy of attention and/or importance. Beards are the epitome and culmination (or should be) of what defines a man. Growing a beard, regardless of sexual preference, is a way of setting yourself apart from the rest of the male populous. Beards today are symbolic of Male dominance, Sexual virility, and overall prestige.


                                                       Jonathan Adcox - The Beard Struggle

..... So why not make styling your beard easier!

Our Mission

    "Shaving your beard is like golfing at night

       you are sure to lose your balls!"

Here at Tactical Beard Tools we are dedicated to giving every man the necessary tools they need for perfect beard maintenance.

Beards are the new six pack for men, we know this and we will always ensure to have the newest, high quality beard tools needed for today's beard wearers.

There are so many styles of beards to choose from nowadays. We can help you with any style you choose.

                                                        Beard Responsibly!